What do successful companies—the industry leaders—have in common? They were in the right place at the right time and they moved quickly and efficiently to capitalize on their position.

Easier said than done, right? These rock star companies must have geniuses at the helm. Or were backed by an endless cash reserve. Or maybe good fortune smiled on them. These beliefs have killed countless entrepreneurial dreams. Why? Because it's easy to get tunnel vision in the day-to-night grind of business ownership, waiting and hoping for that illusive spark that suddenly grows your business.

In his newest book, Surge, Mike Michalowicz busts the myth that spotting trends is for the brilliant or lucky few. A follow-up to his anti-status-quo book, Profit First, Surge reveals the five-step process Michalowicz and others have used to identify the next wave of demand, capture its energy, and ride that wave like a pro.

Featuring stories and case studies from small business owners and entrepreneurial legends, Surge guides you through the critical step of finding the right clients and giving them the very thing they want more than anything, at the perfect time.

Surge is the first in Michalowicz's "Sweet Spot" series of books promising achievement of the entrepreneur's dream: a business that fattens the wallet, feeds the soul and streamlines what ideal customers ravenously desire.